The Best Beavers Bend State Park Hiking Trails To Try Out

If you are looking forward to getting some exercise while enjoying the splendor of nature, consider a trip to Beavers Bend State Park Hiking Trails this summer! Beavers Bend State Park is a hiker’s paradise, with hundreds of miles of hiking trails through its unspoiled wilderness. Whether you are looking for a relaxing family stroll, to go birdwatching, or want a physical challenge, you will find what you are looking for on the hiking trails of Beavers Bend State Park. When you are done with a long day of exercise, you can relax in a nearby luxury cabin rental from Broken Bow Waterfront Rentals.

Friends Trail Loop

Located near Broken Bow, OK this aptly named 1.5-mile loop is a great place to make friends. Popular with hikers, joggers, and families, this well-trafficked route usually only takes about 45 minutes to complete. It cuts mainly through forest, with a large section of the trail running by the lower Mountain Fork River. There are a lot of elevation changes throughout the trail, so hikers looking for something flatter should consider elsewhere.

Tree Trail

Those looking for an easy and historic hike should consider Tree Trail. This loop trail is also near Broken Bow. Tree Trail begins (and ends) at the Forest Heritage Center Museum, a fascinating local museum featuring historical artifacts and local native American artwork. Along the trail, you will be able to see a large Native American Sculpture.

Tree Trail has a small bridge over a creek as part of the path, and is well marked along the way. The forested terrain is often home to deer and local species of birds. A great trip for families with young kids.

Skyline Trail

Looking for a hiking challenge? Lace-up your boots and head to the Skyline Trail at Beavers Bend State Park. This 9.5 mile long loop trail is not for the faint of heart. With an elevation of over 1663 feet of rugged rock, anyone who wants to undertake hiking skyline trail should be experienced with elevated hiking. It generally takes people about 4.5 hours to complete the loop, and hikers should be on the lookout for rain washouts along the way.

The risks are well worth the reward. There are several creek crossings on this trail, and its seclusion makes it an excellent bird-watching spot. In addition, several fantastic views of the surrounding mountains, hence the name!

Beaver Lodge Nature Trail

If you are interested in the hydro-electric dam, or just love running water, this is the trail for you. Beaver Lodge Nature Trail is a 3 mile out and back trail, meaning it does not loop around. It runs along the dam’s spillway run-off the creek, which fills the air with the relaxing sound of rushing water. It takes a little over an hour to complete and has suffered from flooding damage along the way. It is suggested that you walk until the trail becomes too narrow and then turn back. This trail features many great spots for trout fishing.

Cedar Bluff Nature Trail

This trail is a slightly less than a mile-long loop, but is considered of moderate difficulty due to its short periods of steep elevation. It usually takes people about half an hour to complete and is very popular for hiking and trail running. The trail starts across from Dogwood Campground, which is conveniently located near mini-golf and kayak rentals, so you and the family can do more than one fun thing a day!

Pine Ridge Trail at Beavers Bend

Pine Ridge Trail at Beavers Bend is the perfect nature hike. Only .7 miles long, this looped trail takes you through quiet, dense pine forest teeming with wildlife such as birds, deer, and rabbits. A large part of the loop is by a creek filled with frogs and minnows. This easy trail does not have steep elevation and takes about a quarter of an hour to complete. Another great option for hiking with curious kids.

Lakeview Lodge Trail

This 3.5 mile loop trail is not to be missed for competent hikers. The trailhead is currently located right across from Armadillo Campground, and the route takes a little over an hour to complete. With an elevation of almost 300 feet, you will be sure to burn calories without overdoing it. The trail is not heavily trafficked and offers views of Broken Bow Lake. Swimmers take caution– there is no easy entrance to the lake from the trail.

These are just a few of the glorious hiking trails offered in Beavers Bend State Park! Check out Broken Bow Waterfront rentals, and plan your best hiking trip ever!